Oneplus One Service Center Chennai

Servicing being our second nature, the IOS philosophy is to maintain the status for loyalty besides our technical edge over service and repair industry. Having set our principles well in place the Company, at no point of time, will fail to manifest these ethical values practically in its everyday business operations.

We Offer Oneplus One mobile servicing at reasonable cost. Determined by the fact that attention of our customers are of utmost priority to us, we promote flawless and timely service overriding all constraints in pursuit for excellence.

The IOS priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through our well-organized and effective integrated management system for Quality, Environment and Safety. Our quality policy is not just as a one-time assurance for today, but a standing guarantee for the future to help us build long term business relationships with our customers. We have set goals to accomplish this by constantly refining our services in all our service centers. Our 'high quality' deliverables of modern technologies has earned us the reputation.

We have Oneplus accessories too apart from servicing like Pouches, Touch guards, headphones, Chargers, Battery etc. We have complete stock of spares and accessories. We are planning to sell online these gadgets accessories.

Our people are carefully selected to be a part of IOS journey, to flourish, and to grow to support our ambition to be the leading-edge services & repair company.

Some IOS Features

  • Attending Customers is our most priority than other work.
  • Continuous monitoring of all our customers status.
  • Timely and regular training to our staff regarding new mobiles servicing.
  • Adopting newer and improved methods in all our processes.
  • Reduce any re-work.
  • Improve the turn-around time of deliverables.
  • Ensuring a safe and working environment.